The past objects.

(One point of view from all the others).

After some reflection, some hours of thinking and self analysis, some things are coming back. Realising a lot of things, such as how the past affects your way of behaving, thinking and feeling.

A hard childhood, such as beating, disrespect, lies and abandon. All these objects creates one: you.

Beating doesn’t mean actual physical beating. It means making the child feel insecure, uncomfortable and entirely unhappy, leaving a scar inside him. But that’s just how ‘I’ see and feel it.

My behaviour is pure revenge. Taking everything as a threat, a menace or an insult. For no matter or reason. It’s a feeling, a massive and hard one.

After some more thinking time, a massive goal has been set. Change everything. Do something constructive that will create something new inside me, that will stay and be remembered forever.

Changes made, mindset reconstructed into a positive one. What more to ask?

It’s fantastic how fast we can see if someone had a hard childhood. How fast we can realise how the person in front of you is happy or unhappy.

Anyways, as everyone should know, an adult behaves the way they’ve been educated and/or from the childhood they’ve been through.