The lovely paranoia.

Experienced during a ‘distance’ relationship.

You’re far, you feel the distance. You’re in love but you feel a part of you that’s missing. You feel negative energy around you so you start to think, you analyse your thoughts. Those thoughts will automatically and inevitably transform into behaviour. And so you behave and receive the consequences of that behaviour. When you’re in a negative state of mind you automatically perceive anything as an attack or a threat (reference as a basic human animal instinct: when an animal is in a situation of danger, any contact is a threat). Automatically on your defensive side, you produce dramatic energy, unconsciously. You ask yourself questions, you get your answers and the consciousness of your acts comes to you. You realise your actions, words, behaviours and the consequences of your decisions. You think again with the state of mind of making things better; positive and progressive. However you find yourself losing control of your thoughts; you try your best to think positively, deeply, but the negativity takes control. You start to have negative thoughts again, creating dramatic energy again, and so on – it’s a circle, paranoia’s circle.

It’s intense, it’s strong, it overtakes your smile and life enjoyment. You don’t feel pleasure like you used to, you always have that negative feeling deep inside you. You lose control of your happiness, you feel different, unusual. Your eyes are closing, you don’t see the good parts of life, you see and take things differently. You take everything badly and you lose strength, motivation, kindness, care, trust, and the worst, you lose trust in yourself. You don’t believe in yourself, you see the you as a smaller you, getting smaller everyday as the negative thoughts come – lack of self confidence.

The lovers’ paranoia, affects the relationship in any matter. Fact; you lose trust in the person you love. You complain, you start to only see the faults of the person you love, you hurt that person, you get angry, sad, tired, you make your love go to waste. You create drama, arguments, fights, sadness and anger – you went too far.

Sit down, somewhere comfortable, calm and alone. Think. Analyse the situation. Try to answer all the questions that go through your mind, by yourself. Get to conclusions, only if positive ones. Think positive, and everything around you will turn out to be positive. Take a glass, pour water, half of the glass. Look at it, stare at it. Either you see the glass half full, or half empty. See the glass as a choice of taking things positively or negatively – answers will come to you by the way you see things.

Your smile starts to revive, the circle starts to get bigger so you have more time between each negative parts. You start to have positive view about yourself, your people, your environment, your social life. Negative thoughts passing through your mind again, forcing your positive side to abandon. You realise it, you’re conscious of it, you don’t let that happen – force yourself to bring positive images, positive waves, let them grow.


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